before you die you see the ring. and she’s wearing super cute shoes.

by jazzi mcgilbert

Aside from the leaves changing colors and our corner coffee shop bringing back spiced hot chocolate, there are two things we love most about October: Our annual It issue hits newsstands and, duh, Halloween. So naturally we decided to indulge a bit and combine these two amazing things... The result: A weekly countdown of our It Horror Heroines! So for the eve of the Eve, we've got one last scary-stylish pick: Samara Morgan in The Ring as inspired by Sadako Yamuhara in the Japanese original, Ringu.

Japanese vs. American remake debate aside (both looks were similar), this story stands out as one of the best spooky stories (with an actual plot!) in recent years and birthed one of the most iconic horror looks of all time. The 2002 remake features a then nearly unknown Daveigh Chase as the long-haired star of the film within a film--that minute-long VHS tape full of seriously disturbing surrealist images which promises death in seven days (and super blurry selfies) to those who watch. That tape, Naomi Watts losing it, a traumatizing horse suicide, and even a brief cameo from Adam Brody aside, what we remember the most some 10-odd years later is the scraggly haired, misunderstood mental patient in a hospital gown creepy-crawling out of TV static. The look serves straight-up Rick Owens minimal meets grunge realness; she wears her hair in her face much the way we did as angsty freshmen, and the black and white color trend is in full force. We've always considered unkempt and unwashed a total hair "do" (in part, because it's a low-maintenence DIY) and we'll take a fashionable muumuu with comfy Mary Janes any day--make that seven days bwahaha--of the week. That's why we're making The Ring chic our go-to uniform for fall. Come to me my precious! Whoops, wrong ring!