‘The Shape Of Water’ Trailer Is The Creepy Version Of ‘Amélie’

Love and gore

Guillermo del Toro is a master fantasy maker. He has a keen eye for love and its relation to violence. His wackiness is profound, and The Shape of Water looks to be, perhaps, his wackiest.

Sally Hawkins stars as Elisa, a lonely mute employee at a top-secret government facility. When she and her fellow co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer) discover something they shouldn't, an unlikely romance begins and all hell breaks loose. With Cold War America as its backdrop, del Toro weaves longing and malice together with deep sea greens and murky blues. Michael Shannon Michael-Shannons throughout the trailer as the Big Bad hell-bent on studying this mysterious, water-inclined creature that Elisa may or may not have a romantic connection with. 

Blame the French music and charmingly off-kilter characters for the Amélie parallels. The Shape of Water promises to be a spectacle of monstrous proportions when it opens December 8.