a new website lets you shop stockholm!

by faran krentcil

Despite the major revolution that Internet Shopping brings to everyone's wardrobe, it's still hard to score local designers from far flung cities.

Stockholm is a great example. It has Cheap Monday, Acne Jeans, Peter Jensen and... wait... what else?  Not a lot we can easily buy in the US.  But we know from Swedish It Girls like Lykke Li - and the constant barrage of coooler-than-everyone street style photos from Scandinavian blogs - that Stockholm has a major fashion presence.

Now an American website is harnessing it.  Called L-atitude, it spotlights a different style hub every few weeks, and sells only the clothes and accessories that are created there.  To launch Stockholm's debut on the site today, they asked model Caroline Winberg and a host of other Swedish cuties to write about and photograph their favorite Stockholm fashion haunts.

The site boasts labels like Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (which actually makes dresses), Diana Orving, and the super-cool Minimarket, with most items priced below $200.  The stuff is very cute, unique without being weird, and much cheaper than an actual flight to Stockholm - not that we wouldn't encourage that, too.

L-atitude, Now Spotlighting Stockholm.  Click here to visit.

Lykke Li

Minimarket clogs