is this t-shirt an homage or an episode of fashion punk’d?

by faran krentcil

Those who love NYLON have doubtless seen the work of Dana Veraldi, the Brooklyn-based artist whose drawings of Agyness Deyn and The MisShapes have somehow landed everywhere.

Now Dana's got a new sketch going, and it's... um... a little sketchy. It's an illustration of Tory Burch that makes the preppy designer look like an '80s Xanadu queen, complete with sparkles and I-Just-Rollerskated hair.

And we totally love it.

If you want to pay ironic homage to the new queen of tunics, head over to Dana's web hub, Deer Dana, and make the $20 investment - about $200 less than those infamous Tory Burch flats, BTW.