The Checklist

your guide to having a totally chill day.

Welcome to The Checklist, NYLON's new morning wake-up call. Whether you're looking for a little outfit inspiration, a new song to play as you drink that first cup of the coffee, or that one bit of news you can't leave the house without knowing, we've got you covered. We'll be updating every day during the week, every single early morning (New York time, natch), with a different editor--and sometimes special It Girl guests--curating the picks, so you have no reason not to make it your first-thing-to-check-the-moment-you-turn-on-your-phone. Still not enough early inspiration for you? Then head to Instagram--we'll be using the hashtag #NYLONDaily as a place for NYLON readers to show off the things that inspire them, and we want you to contribute!

The Checklist Curator: Jackie Yaeger, NYLON Newsletter Editor

The Look:

Converse All Star Chuck '70

Some days just require throwing on an old pair of classic sneakers, and yes, today is one of those days. The best part about your old Chucks is that they fit perfectly, go with everything, and you don't have to worry about them getting muddy or rained on, because they're the one closet piece that gets better with age.

The Face:

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

It seems like whenever someone talks about their lip balm, they say Chapstick. "I can't find my Chapstick," "Can I borrow your Chapstick?" But I've got my own version of lip balm in a plastic swivel stick that I cannot live without, and it's not Chapstick; it's Burt's Bees Pomegranate. I use it all day and every night before bed and my lips are never chapped. It also tastes so good that you actually don't mind if you accidentally bite your lip. Most of my friends use the original Beeswax version, but I am honestly not a fan of the mint-esque tingle--especially when a cold January breeze comes. Yeah--Burt's Pomegranate for life.

The News:

Old Letters Found Hidden in Home

Even though this isn't breaking news about something political, or a major awards show announcement (though you can catch the


nominations any minute now), it is a story about something cool that's been excavated. I love hearing stories about old mummies being discovered, and ancient hieroglyphs being found. But this one, is about a woman who found awesome vintage postcards, records, letters--and an ice cream maker--in her basement while renovating her house. Yeah, she's pretty much like the real life Amelie.

The Inspiration:

Haim on Bikes

Remember when Haim Instagrammed this picture? It's got this totally cool vibe that just makes you wanna ride around town with your friends on vintage bikes. And even though we might not


be able to do that right now, this photo is inspiring my day.

The Song:

"High School Lover" by Cayucas

If you haven't figured it out by now, my vibe today is super chill (i.e. Chucks and Lip Balm). So why should the song I'm playing on repeat this morning be any different? Good news: It's not. Today I'm jamming to "High School Lover" by Cayucas because it's totally low-key, with a beat that's just enough to wake you up. The indie lo-fi Santa Monica band has the perfect sound for dreaming about cruising around on a summer day while, in reality, you're tapping your toes on the subway floor.

photo via burt's bees
photo via @instagram on instagram
photo via @babyhaim on instagram
photo via cayucas on facebook