the ultimate holiday gift guide


by Josh Madden

When NYLON's #1 buddy Tina Turnbow stopped by last week and happened to mention that she was was braving the crowds to nail her holiday shopping in a single weekend, we had to hand her a camera and request a full report. The stylist extraordinaire is an ace when it comes to both everything that's new and good or old and awesome. Not to mention, she's got a long list of superstar homies who can be tricky to shop for--so who better to put us on to the raddest gift and all the best places to get them? Check out the full list below and hit Turnbow up on Twitter HERE if you have any questions--she's super good to know! 1. By Robert James This store has a handsome and unique selection of menswear. There are also some custom made tshirts by Robert James that are not to be this 2. The Cast If you are looking for a vintage or custom made rockin leather jacket this is your place. There's also some cool handmade jewelry, rock and punk buttons, boots and belts. Check the vintage posters, tshirts and select collection of records. Hopefully you'll run into the owners dog Bill too. 3. The Sun's coming a Big Bald Head If you know someone who is a fan of cool photography and The Walking Dead, odds are you probably may find the perfect gift sold here. Its a book of photos by multi talented actor Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon. Its called The Sun's coming a Big Bald Head and it shines brilliantly.  It can be found at, or 4. John Derian This is such a fascinating and enchanting store. Save some time to take it all in and savor the visual pleasures! From vintage glass plates, to candles, lamps, ornaments, vases and books. You'll find something here for a special someone, no doubt. 5. Love Adorned Some of the most beautiful new and vintage jewelry is on display in this spacious, sun filled store. Perhaps for that special female friend? There are also ponchos, blankets cool knives, flasks, plants, soaps AND volumes of Playboy too. I'd say check it out! 6. Malin & Goetz You can find some great fragrances, skin care, lovely grooming tools & kits, razors and awesome candles. Their new Dark Rum fragrance is unisex and deliciously provocative. 7. Sleepy Jones A recent addition to the Bowery, this store offers all kinds of cool pajamas, boxer shorts, panties, and tees. Its an Andy Spade creation so its crisp and stylish. They even collaborated on a pair of boxers with hot artist Wes Lang. The motto on their business card "Finish nothing today".  Just chill in your new pair of pj's. 8. Bess NYC Walking in this store you feel as if you've stepped into a goth, punk, rock lovers playground. You'll find the perfect gift for that deviant, anarchist, misfit special someone. Their awesome vintage tshirts are all on sale now, so pay them a visit soon. 9. The Salty Paw If you're down by the Seaport area be sure to check out this navel themed pet store. They have some truly unique treasures for animal lovers. Also offered here are grooming services, dye jobs and doggie mohawks. Its a cozy space, the owner was there making the animals and people feel right at home. 10. Patagonia This new Patagonia store on Bowery is open and spacious. It's a pleasure shopping here for that seeker of fine warm outerwear, surfer dude or maybe yourself. They have everything from retro style down vests to surf board wax. 11. Babycakes NYC And for the vegan in the group, especially the one with a sweet tooth...go here! They have a great new cookbook! You can get a gift card or a box full of the most delectable vegan deliciousness.