The Weeknd Feels It Comin’ In New Video, Do You?

Do you?

It's coming! Do you feel it? The Weeknd sure does. But... what is it?

You're not going to find a concrete answer in his new music video for "I Feel It Coming," off of his 2016 album, Starboy. Directed by Warren Fu, The Weeknd encounters an apocalypse on a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. Daft Punk, who produced and are featured on the track, are there, obviously. Is the "it" the end of the world? As we know it, perhaps! Or maybe it's something a little more suggestive. You know how Rose tells Jack to take her to the stars in Titanic? Well, The Weeknd, a self-proclaimed "motherf*cking Starboy," does just that here. He takes his love so far beyond the stars, it's detrimental. Not to bring back an old Weeknd song, but what a wicked game to play. 

Oh well. It, whatever it is, is coming. At least The Weeknd's provided a soundtrack worth experiencing "it," and in all its beautifully Fu-assisted glory, too. Watch below.