The Weeknd Won’t Be Deceived By “Secrets” In His New Video

The latest visual from Starboy

Ready or not, The Weeknd is coming. The Canadian singer-songwriter has graced us with another visual off of his magnificent album, Starboy, this time for his song "Secrets." And in the Pedro Martin-Calero-directed music video, The Weeknd is playing a game of cat-and-mouse with a woman full of, you guessed it, secrets. 

The surreal scene is set with the sounds of someone speaking French. Who is it? Unclear, but perhaps it's the video's leading lady, who is briefly seen running down a hallway before we get a quick cut to her limp body, seemingly floating in midair, soon surrounded by men, with one, in particular, singling her out. The video's narrative suggests something of a love triangle, with The Weeknd being the odd man out. (We find it hard to believe that someone would ever be unfaithful to Abel Tesfaye, but we'll play along for the sake of the story line.) 

Throughout the video, The Weeknd creeps on his lover from a distance, getting closer and closer to finding her and the other man together, like in some twisted game of hide-and-seek. But ultimately, the two remain elusive, and The Weeknd is left looking at a massive cross rising up into the air in front of him, perhaps signifying that paranoia doesn't get you anywhere in a relationship, and you've got to have some faith in the person you're with. 

Watch all the drama go down in the video, above.