Watch This Exclusive Featurette On The Women Of ‘Patti Cake$’

The sleeper hit of the summer is almost here

You’ll want to mark August 18 on your calendar. That’s when Patti Cake$, a movie unlike any other this year, will storm into theaters and become one of the summer’s sleeper hits. You heard it here first. The Geremy Jasper-directed movie wowed audiences when it premiered at Sundance last January. They were enthralled and uplifted by this unexpected story of a young girl seeking to escape her dead-end New Jersey town through hip-hop and her dreams of becoming a rap star.

That underdog story is the outer shell of Patti Cake$, but Jasper set out to create something more layered, a generational female empowerment movie that was inspired by “the tough Jersey women that raised me,” according to him. In this exclusive featurette, we get a glimpse at the complicated relationships between the three women at the movie’s center. Patricia Dombrowski, played by the Australian actress Danielle Macdonald, is loved but not exactly supported by her mother, played by Bridget Everett. It’s her grandmother, played by Cathy Moriarty, who is her biggest cheerleader. But no matter what the dynamics between the three women are, the driving emotion there is love, and that’s part of what makes Patti Cake$ such a feel-good movie. “There’s not a lot of movies where you see three generations of women that are complex and at the forefront of the movie,” Everett says in the clip. Patti Cake$ is one of those movies.