The World According to Google: 2014′s Most Searched Topics

    by · December 16, 2014

    Google’s annual end-of-the-year list of the most searched topics is a great way to take stalk of the year that was.

    It can also be very depressing. Number one on this year’s list is Robin Williams, not because he released Mrs. Doubtfire 2 and it was the greatest movie ever, but because, well, you know. Below Williams was the World Cup, which was admittedly one of the year’s highlights and much needed breather amidst all the pain and suffering humans experience. Speaking of which, Ebola came in at number three, beleaguered Malaysia Airlines at number four, and then something called Flappy Bird at number five. Does anyone know what Flappy Bird is?
    See the rest of the list below.

    1. Robin Williams
    2. World Cup
    3. Ebola
    4. Malaysia Airlines
    5. Flappy Bird
    6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    7. ISIS
    8. Ferguson
    9. Frozen
    10. Ukraine
    One name that feels absent is Jennifer Lawrence, given the intense interest surrounding her hacking disaster and its fallout. But look, there she is topping the list of the biggest trending names of the year, like Williams, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, all the names on the below list except for Jared Leto and Kim Kardashian, are on it because of scandal or tragedy, which tells you all you need to know about what the majority of people on the internet are drawn to.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence 2. Kim Kardashian 3. Tracy Morgan 4. Ray Rice 5. Tony Stewart 6. Iggy Azalea 7. Donald Sterling 8. Adrian Peterson 9. Rene Zellweger 10. Jared Leto

    The rest of Google’s list, which is remarkably detailed and covers everything from selfies to gifs, can be found here.

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