There’s still time…

It’s the most…stressful…time of the year….

by Josh Madden

Here on the NYLON Guys blog, we don't really write from a first person point of view--rather, we actually discuss among ourselves and speak from a consensus of the dudes here in the office. That said, this weekend (while scouring the internet for some gifts that weren't all sold out), I realized that not only was time of the essence, but sizes on these websites are like swiss cheese, if they have the style you want the size is always gone or they have the size and not the style.

I'm a total consumer and I've taken it upon myself to collect up a list of suggestions that not only resonate with the bros around NYLON HQ, but also come from my personal ownership experience. There's still time to order and have things shipped--and if you're feeling these items, you might just want to forward the link as a suggestion to those people who always get you the gifts you end up returning.

1. Performance basic no show socks by Oakley Have you ever gotten a gift card and when you get to the register there's "X" dollars left on the card so you have to grab something fast? That's how I discovered these socks, I gotta tell ya--I run in them every day and they're by far the best socks in the game. I never expected Oakley to have the best socks but hey, don't take my word for it try a pair on and you'll see.

2. Nordic popover shirt by Burkman Bros. We're big fans of the popover style shirt here at NYLON Guys and this chambray number with the nordic embroidery is the jam! It's super clean, the color matches everything, and it looks dressed up enough but remains comfortable. It's on sale and available in sizes Small to XL!

3. K Skinny jeans from KR3W These jeans from Kr3w are the perfect fit, super affordable, and available in 10 different colors. Let's face it, expensive denim is nice but we can't walk around thinking about the well being of our pants. The gang over at Kr3w know they have a winner with these and that's why they keep the color options coming.

4. Explicit scatter boxers by Rocksmith NYC The Rocksmith homies have been rocking with this explicit design for a minute and when we something similar in Alex Wang's collection this year it was interesting. Is there a connection--who knows? We like the design and the price, the whole explicit collection is pretty sweet.

5. Vans Customs The thing about Vans customs is that even if you're not in the market for new kicks and you somehow end up on the site, you'll be there for no less than half an hour. It's the perfect gift because the opportunity to go and make something that's entirely individual is priceless. It's like Build-a-Bear for grown folks. I personally think they're made just a little bit better than the pre-fab versions...see for yourself.

6. Dawes sweater by Publish Brand I'm not a man of many sweaters, I'm more of the get a nice sweater or two and wear them constantly type. The Dawes sweater has wooden buttons, a woven pattern that could pass for preppy, and a shawl collar. I love everything about this sweater especially the color (black) and it'll match your entire wardrobe. Trust me, get this bad boy and wear it for all occasions.

7. Paloma crystal shades by Super The clear shades trend is cool with me, I had just never found the pair I liked until these babies came into my life. I went to the opening of the new Super shop here in NYC and these were all gone so I'm still waiting to cop them but these are the ones, I'm done looking. Clear matches everything and you can choose from various tints.

8. Brass Puffa Jacket by Stüssy I don't know about you but Stüssy is my longest running favorite brand. This puffer isn't a full on parka so you get all of the warmth without the bulk. The fur hood looks fresh and the custom lining printed with illustrations of the big band brass instruments mixed with Stussy Class Rings, lucky dice and 8 Balls looks fresher. The double zipper front is key because you can unzip it some for flexibility. This really is my favorite coat of 2013.

9. Camo Pack Trapper by New Era It's #Been #Brick in Manhattan for a minute. I don't know if it's all the concrete and steel this city is made of or the fact that it's surrounded by water but it gets brutally cold here. This trapper isn't cute, it's a tough looking piece that's fuzzy all inside and covers my ears (I even snap it under my chin like a lil kid when nobody's looking).

10. Type 15 Bapex by A Bathing Ape I'm gonna keep it 100 with you right now, I'm not really trippy for a Rolex. I mean, one day when I'm caking like that maybe I will "throw my rollie in the sky and wave it side to side" but right now I'm really feeling this Bapex. This watch is sharp and I've come to trust the quality of the Bape brand so I know it's backed by a strong warranty. Let's just say, I think wearing this watch until you hit that Rolex territory is where it's at.