this little piggy had roast beef

Because sometimes you need more than pizza…

by Josh Madden

Staten Island natives Francis Garcia, Sal Basile, and Will Gallagher are pretty famous around NYC--and the word of their culinary exploits is spreading from coast to coast on the count of their uber-successful venture Artichoke Pizza. The fellas aren't stopping the there though, as a matter of fact they just might have a bigger hit on their hands with their newest venture, a roast beef sandwich-focused shop called This Little Piggy Ate Roast Beef. This gem is located in the East Village on First Avenue between and stays buzzing from the time it opens at 4pm until they close up at 1:30am.We stopped in to have a sandwich and we have to be honest, it was so good, it might have forever ruined sandwiches for us. The "That Way Sandwich" which consists of roast beef with gravy and fresh mozzarella was so good that we called two of our friends and told them to get in a cab and head over. The guy behind the counter overheard us discussing the Lobster Fries and brought us over a few, which actually blew our mind; as if the sandwich wasn't amazing enough, these huge potato wedges with lobster bisque poured over them changed the fry eating game forever. To top it all off, the whole time we were in the joint good old jams from bands like Weezer, Offspring, and Green Day were playing. It was like a time warp to awesomeness complete with amazing service and incredible food. You know the saying "They don't make 'em like they used to" well they just might be wrong...and we thought it couldn't get better than Artichoke. Check out This Little Piggy had Roast Beef HERE and stop by 149 1st avenue for an incredible experience.