Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style Redefines Cool

    Or, perhaps, we just never knew the true definition

    by · March 27, 2017

    Photo by Matthew Sperzel

    You think you know good street style, but then Tokyo Fashion Week happens. Now you know what good street style is. Tokyo Fashion Week flooded the streets with outfits so original, you’d be hard-pressed to not find a look you want to cop or be left wondering why you don’t push your personal style boundaries as hard. Tokyo residents make practically anything work. Trends? What’re those? Oh yeah, the movements Tokyo starts and somehow finds ways to evolve without them ever growing stale, dull, and unfresh. The street style is effortless, despite the number of garments worn and accessorizing going on. It’s cool without trying to be. What’s the secret? If you know, do tell because pictures may say 1,000 words but those words don’t add up to the secret. They just add up to being really, really ridiculously cool.

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