Tom Cruise Is An ‘American Made’ Drug Peddler In New Trailer

“Guns. Drugs. Money laundering.”

We love a feel-good film based on a true story. We love a wild and crazy film based on a true story even more. Take, for instance, Tom Cruise’s new film, American Made, where he plays Barry Seal, a pilot-turned-drug peddler-turned-CIA informant.

Yes, Cruise is playing a real person. Seal worked with the Medellin Cartel and drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 1980s. He was assassinated at age 46. In the trailer, Cruise channels Seals’ daredevil approach to life and presents the actor with the type of character role he excels in playing. “There are bills blowing around everywhere,” Cruise’s wife, played by Sarah Wright, says in the trailer. “I’ll rake it up later,” he responds.

The film reunites the actor with Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman. There won’t be aliens involved this time around, but there’s bound to be just as much drama. Watch to see just how much in the trailer above.