Watch Tom Hiddleston Come Undone In The Must-See New ‘High-Rise’ Trailer

Based On The J.G. Ballard novel

by daniel barna

Tom Hiddleston has all the makings of a movie star, and boy is he close. Having seen his startling performance as Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, I can tell you that although Hiddleston knocks it out of the park, the movie simply isn't good enough to get him a wide audience. That's what makes High-Rise so tantalizing. After a polarizing festival run, the dystopian thriller from the exciting mind of director Ben Wheatley has just the right amount of mass appeal—despite its deeply subversive themes and visuals—to make Hiddleston a star. 

In the new trailer, we get a closer look at Hiddleston's Dr. Robert Lang, a man who moves into the titular apartment complex and soon finds himself tangled up with the sinister world inside. Based on the above clip and some mixed early reviews, the film may be a little too stylized, too fetishistic, and way too weird for mainstream audiences, but that's what we said about The Matrix and well, look how that turned out. 

High-Rise hits U.K. theaters on March 18, while a U.S. release date should be incoming. Watch the trailer above.