Everything You Need To Know About Tonight’s Sagittarius New Moon

Face your fears

by christie craft

After spending the entire month of November facing our fears—both literally and figuratively—Luna finally hits the spiritual reset button with a euphoric new moon in adventurous Sagittarius tonight. Like all dark moons, this phase offers an opportunity for an ecstatic fresh start. But this particular moon delivers a chance to strike out boldly and begin putting to good use the fruits of our bravery harvested from the grim lessons brought on during the last new moon—in arresting Scorpio—on October 30. No matter how small you might think your victories, you deserve to celebrate your courageous achievements.

The Archer’s enterprising influence on the new moon has the tendency to amplify our spontaneity. There’s a marked urgency in the atmosphere palatable to all 12 signs, however, Sagittarius’ trademark blind impulse isn’t present (for once!), grooming many to be swift, graceful, and direct in making split decisions. Signs most strongly affected by this lunation and its aspects—all fire signs, but especially Sag, Leo, Aries; and all air signs, but especially Gemini—might notice a magnified tendency to hype expectations and overestimate our earnings.

With the Sun moving steadily through Sagittarius now, as well, all of us can make headway on conquering personal goals by focusing on the Centaur’s most shining attributes and working to actively bring these traits to your daily life. Sag is all about action, after all, in addition to being one of the most optimistic, fun-loving, exciting, honest, independent, and to-the-point signs in the zodiac. Embracing a Sagittarian courage in expanding horizons of learning and understanding will absolutely lead to concrete gains in our self-confidence, a much more positive outlook on current circumstances, and a broad, worldly perspective during the coming two weeks. Sagittarius is keenly aware of how easy it is to slip into the twilight of the mundane and bury yourself in earthly details; this sign’s lunar repercussions inspire the quest for transcendence from a humdrum existence through cultivating our faith, hope, and vision provided by the providence of the universe. 

Every one of us is salivating for lasting change as the moon moves into fiery Sagittarius on the 29th, but signs most touched by this lunation might be tempted to jump on any bandwagon, pointing to anything with a pulse as a false “savior” figure. Delusions tend to flourish in the shadows, making many prone to projecting their own emotions and ego pain onto others. Neptune, the watery planet of imagination and vision, will square off with the moon, providing the perfect coverup for high-level corruption, particularly in politics and organized religion. (Watch the news during the next two weeks—you could bet money on shady schemes and scandals flooding the media.) Pisces’ oceanic ruling planet has earned a tarnished rep for being a slippery sort, running a high risk of promoting lies, dishonesty, and delusional thinking. At its lowest, Neptune can turn up the heat on criminal activity. Unconscious movement and action is Neptune’s jurisdiction, and those heavily influenced by this phase should guard against faltering into negativity by accident. Although it might not be your intention to deliberately entangle yourself in a web of lies at the start, it’s kind of hard not to wind up in a mess.

Blunders in judgment are all the more likely for those who fall in love during this period (sorry about it!), so be very wary of committing yourself too soon if you’re single and dating. This is all the more true if an admirer begins hotly pursuing you with great determination and urgency—watch out for sudden declarations of love. You may be alarmed by how strong you—or someone else’s—feelings seem now, for all that glitters sure ain’t gold in the relationship department right now.

This new (or newly ardent) love interest might be perfectly doting and courtly in their mission to sweep you off your feet, but they also could end up rushing you into getting hooking up before you’re truly ready. With flattery and a feeling of having met your soul’s match swirling around your head like smoke, it will be difficult to resist falling into persuasive arms. An eerie sensation of being exploited or plainly coerced will creep in, so pay attention to your gut should any of this become familiar in the coming two weeks. Avoid undue heartache and emotional devastation by setting clear boundaries early on. Still, it’s possible that stalling any action in the boudoir could help to usher this nascent relationship into a long-lasting, courteous, and respectful romantic alliance—but don’t count on it (sorry again!).

Personalities swayed by this moon could develop a hardened exterior as their main defense, adopting a survival mindset that’s expressed through intensely fiery, primal compulsions. Latching onto the positives of this period could produce driven trailblazers and motivated go-getters, but the phase could also provoke manic streaks of overbearing, even violently combative tendencies. Where some will become glorious phoenixes rising from flames of destruction and tragedy, others will become taunting bullies bent on occupying a contrarian, devil’s advocate position on basically everything. 

Sneakiness and covert operations are also surprisingly common under these cosmic constraints. Those negatively affected could become mired in vice and misadventures. Without any specific trajectory, these personalities are poised to break down and join highly questionable causes than remain idle and bored. Yet so many of the shadow-dwellers of the dark moon are keen to getting off Scot free, no matter the infraction. Why? Their wicked, provocative exterior provides the perfect intimidation technique.

Ambitions are high-strung with the moon stationed in Sagittarius, and though global success and celebrity are positive attributes of this phase, our hunger for success may be too insatiable to be controlled. Motivations are animalistic at best, ratcheting up our drive to a ruthless, ungovernable state—which could become one’s fatal flaw if left unchecked by authority or self-discipline and reflection. Sometimes, undoing your successes are unavoidable during these movements, especially with a constantly recurring theme of regenerative success through the tremendously cleansing life-death-rebirth cycle. The redemptive draw of destruction’s purifying elements is extremely alluring, causing the more extreme signs (I’m staring directly at you, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, and Cap) to seek out harmful intensity for no real reason.

The Sagittarius Sun squares with Neptune, as well, compelling more outgoing types to strive for recognition and visibility. Those who can effectively channel their magnificent imagination, magnetic charisma, and understanding of collective unconsciousness will find success easily achieved and malleable at this time. However, these aspects will also expose the very same people to the harsh side-effects of a life peppered with fame and celebrity at any level. The masses crave a messiah but forget that our fantastical public icons are mere mortals. Occupying powerful stations will be met with intense challenges in living up to their public’s lofty standards. Like the Tower card in the tarot’s Major Arcana, these characters could topple under the Sun’s extreme public pressures, forcing them down into a quagmire of self doubt, addiction, and abuse. Destructive, self-indulgent behaviors based on bruised egos are the ultimate vicious cycle with Neptune lashing out, causing further deterioration to the ego. Our human fragility is even more pronounced with hypochondria and paranoia running rampant. 

The cyclical, lethal nature of consequences under these conditions are ideal for starting fresh, first purging unhealthy, damaging toxins to make way for spiritual evolution and general self-improvement from the inside-out. Don’t be surprised if you cut a few ties during the next two weeks, as well: Dissolution of defunct friendships, alliances, and other relationships are highly probable. We might completely uproot ancient value systems or try a new path in expressing faith and divine communion, like a meditation group or reforming personal religious beliefs. 

Taking a stand is easy, but with such a fluctuation of cosmic influences whirring by changing your mind frequently should be expected. The more sensitive signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces) could get sidelined by the constant absorption of others’ opinions, knocking our perspective back 180 degrees. Discerning what people actually think right now is near impossible and ever-changing, stymying clear expression, especially in any emotional capacity. We’re able to feel so deeply—almost too deeply—that we can’t grasp or define our (many) sensational experiences.