The Top Instagram Hashtag Of 2015 Proves We’re All Cheesy As F**k

and gives us a little faith in humanity.

So, what was the most popular Instagram hashtag of 2015? Was it #Blessed? Was it #SquadGoals? Was it another, more socially conscious activist-based tag? No, friends, it was #Love. That’s right #Love. Don’t you feel simultaneously embarrassed and warm inside?

Oh, and this isn’t just some one-off sudden upswing in the level of online gushiness. No, no. Rather, it’s the third year in a row that #Love has out-hashtagged all other hashtags. Read about it for yourself on Instagram’s blog post on the subject.

Now, it’s easy to suppose that a lot of this love isn’t love with a capital “L.” Snapped a picture of some great shoes? That’s a #Love. Posting a pic of your favorite brunch at your favorite spot? That’s a #Love. Capturing the color coordination of various pickle jars at your local artisanal picklers? Well, we guess that could be a #Love, too.

Look, as long as people are using English’s most powerful four-letter word, we’re on board with all this #Love. Perhaps the more we’re in the practice of typing it, the more we’ll be in the practice of thinking about it. Here’s hoping. Oh, and at least it beat #Blessed, right?

(via Complex)