topman & nylon guys & smith westerns & wampire

#TMxNYLONGuys Summer Tour kicks off in Brooklyn…

by Josh Madden

Topman & NYLON Guys & Smith Westerns & Wampire

Three songs into their set, Cullen Omori says "Hey everybody, we're glad to be back here in Brooklyn...last time we were here we got kicked out because someone broke a bottle and we were 19, haha, but it's all good..." and with that, we are reminded just how young these dudes are. It's hard to believe, because the Smith Westerns kids are so tight as a band; they have chops well beyond their years and a slew of big jams to match. The Topman and NYLON Guys Summer Music kicked off last night, and Portland's Wampire packed the room early. Show-goers snapped photos between sets and picked up copies of both Topman and NYLON Guys print mags. Check 


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