Topshop Spring 2015 Livestream

fashion goes high(er) tech.

by liza darwin

Topshop's spring 2015 runway show doesn't even happen until this weekend, but already we know this: it's going to be awesome.

Along with its embellished tops, perfect denim, and rad outerwear, over the years the brand has built a name for itself for pushing the tech-meets-fashion boundaries. This season the London retail giant is taking its social media relationship one step further, partnering with Instagram and Facebook in order to give everyone who isn't there IRL immediate access.

We're talking about behind-the-scenes snaps and videos from handpicked Instagram stars, the opportunity to be featured in Topshop's King's Cross flagship store, and a click-to-buy option to snag the clothes yourself as they're literally walking down the catwalk. Oh, and like always, you can stream all the action straight from your couch. We'll be livestreaming the show when it all goes down on Sunday morning at 10am EST. Shopping while you eat your cereal? Sounds good to us. Set your alarm, and we'll see you there!