Amazon Dropped The Emotional Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘Transparent’

The Pfeffermans are back

Amazon knows you can't wait for the third season of Transparent. So to quell your anxiety, they went ahead and released the trailer for the upcoming season of the critically acclaimed show. The clip premiered at Amazon's Television Critics Association’s press tour and filled us in as to where all five members of the Pfefferman clan will be when the story picks up again. They'll still be grappling with the effects of Maura's transition, and in the trailer's centerpiece moment, she reveals that she no longer wants to be called Moppa. "How about you guys can start calling me mom?" she tells them to much surprise.

The new season will revolve around "the theme of coming out of your shell," according to Entertainment Weekly. We see that as Sarah appears to be embracing her bondage fetish and Ali falls deeper into her relationship with Leslie. Meanwhile, Josh seems as lost as ever. The show will also flashback to Maura's life in 1958, showing the struggles of a 12-year-old boy in the wrong body. Season three of Transparent will premiere on Amazon Prime come September 23.