We’re Never Flying Without This Thing Again

by nylon

When was the last time you saw a flight attendant mix a decent cocktail?more

You've never seen it, and that's why proper in-flight mixology requires a DIY approach. Fortunately, designer Stephen Kenn has done mankind a wicked solid on the wicked-liquid front and created The Travel Cocktail Kit, a fancy little leather-bound set that lets you stir-up first-rate drinks whether you're kicking it in first class or braving coach with the rest of the riffraff.

The kit comes with nine bottles, a spoon, and a recipe book written by Dave Kaplan and Alex Day, the booze-meisters behind the acclaimed cocktail bars Death & Co. and Honeycut. According to the product description, the kit allows you make three different drinks per trip, and all you've got to do is bring a few ingredients from home. (The liquor, of course, must be purchased from the flight crew.)

At $275, the kit may seem extravagant, but when the only alternatives are flying sober or choking down a vodka and off-brand OJ, it's a must-have travel companion.