trend report: going postal

snail mail gets the fashion treatment.

by jazzi mcgilbert

We've got vacation on the brain: We click through the resort collections on We sip Corona with lime while we Skype with foreign friends. We've amassed an array of sunglasses and floppy hats to wear them whether it's sunny or not. Basically, we wish we got frequent flyer miles for just daydreaming of far away lands.

Now we can have the ultimate stay-cation with these postal prints that are popping up all over. >> Big Wave: Check out some more vacation-ready favorites Unless you're pairing them with a map and confused expression, they'll read a more "wish we were there" than "tourist," but they'd make perfect going-away gifts, too. 

Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony skirt, $300

Longchamp duffle bag, $320

ASOS post card print bikini, $12 top & $10 bottom

CARGO Voyages Makeup Bag, $39

Companions Air Mail Wallet, Fall 2012

Forever 21 Florida Crop Top, $12.80

Opening Ceremony's brand new LA billboard!