Tres Carnes

Beef Brisket Burritos and moreeee!!

by Josh Madden

Tres Carnes

Let me kick off this Chow review by first introducing myself. My name is Will, I just hit the NYC streets fresh from the Colorado Rockies, and my buddies at NYLON Guys have given me literally the sweetest task an intern could ask for. I'll be eating my way around New York City, from borough to borough, and writing about every bite here on the blog. I can't think of any better introduction to my new home than through food--and on an intern's budget, it's a win-win situation! If you'd like me to come and check out your spot just drop me a line at

...I'm down to eat!

Without further ado, my first review! On to Tres Carnes!

Tres Carnes

is the definition of authentic. From the moment we walked in the door we were punched in the nose by the most amazing smoked meat aroma... and I mean punched in the best way possible.

Pit master Michael Rodriguez treated us to some of his personal favorites off the menu, our fav definitely being the beef brisket burrito. (If you've never had beef brisket in a burrito, we highly suggest you treat yo'self.) That dude is no joke when it comes to the smoking game--all their brisket is smoked for 16 hours overnight...EVERY NIGHT. And it doesn't stop there, since all the other included ingredients are made fresh every morning and throughout the day.

Just when you're ready to pay because your hunger and amazing smells are reaching all time highs, you're forced to stare down the barrel of a smoked churro donut with a dulce de leche filling... DON'T SLEEP ON THIS! Don't even debate it, just get one and thank us later.

Tres Carnes is definitely the new spot to meet all your taco and burrito needs, so be sure to keep up with them on Twitter 


. You can check out their menu 


or just stop in from time to time to try their weekly smoke. I know I'm about to become a regular, so you'll probably see me there!

-words & photos by Yung Will