triple wood scotch whiskey by laphroaig

Sip on something good…

by Christian Lavery

As the weather gets colder, you’re going to find yourself huddled up on the couch more and more frequently. Keeping some beverages handy may not be the worst idea. However, we’re not talking hot tea or cocoa. We were thinking something more in the realm of a drink that will help you cope with cabin fever and keep you from frigid trips outside where you won’t be able to feel your feet.

Distilled on an island just off the West coast of Scotland through a distinct triple maturation process, Laphroaig’s Triple Wood Scotch Whiskey has a rich blend of creamy vanilla and hints of sweet, flavorful fruits that make it just right to sip on. Smooth and balanced with a rich taste, a bottle of this will make those long winters a little less harsh. But no need to go overboard -- Laphroaig Triple Wood is meant to be enjoyed and savored, glass-by-glass, with family and friends. Pick some up for a limited time only at fine retail locations nationwide and learn more about Laphroaig HERE.