the mighty turkey ice cream cake

    how to diy the ultimate thanksgiving dessert.

    by · November 26, 2013

    I’m a bad cook. It’s hereditary--most of my mom’s recipes ended in the word ‘surprise,’ and a lot of our Christmas ornaments are sad, little burned cookies covered in shellac and a little paint from the ’90s (that’s a holiday DIY for another day).

    A girl can’t live on Domino’s alone, so a few years ago I took up Experimental Cooking. I recommend this to both the broke and the recipe-challenged, because absolutely no one cares what something tastes like if it looks really cool.

    Out of all my creations, my turkey ice cream cake has been the biggest hit. It helps that it tastes like your classic ice cream sundae (and who doesn’t love that?!) and is a real hit with the Instagram crowd--you know who you are. It’s a DIY take on the Baskin-Robbins version, but who cares? Go on, my little Pocahontas, and behold the mighty Turkey Cake. Click through the gallery for my very professional recipe.

    Things you’ll need:

    - Vanilla ice cream (harder, more expensive stuff works best but I’m poor so just pick up some from Uncle Edy)

    - Toothpicks

    - Smucker’s Magic Shell (this is key--I prefer the confetti Magic Shell as it creates a more realistic turkey skin texture)

    -Reese’s Peanut Butter syrup

    - A shallow pan for sculpting

    - A plate to transfer

    - A nice silver turkey pan

    - Ice cream cones (you can use plain sugar cones, but I like Drumsticks because it’s like sugar)

    - Gloves

    - Icing (White)

    - 10 Sour Apple Airheads or five packs of Sour Apple Straws, depending on whether you want an arugula or iceberg ‘lettuce’ bed

    - Optional: Caramel Syrup for ‘gravy’ (if you use this, put it in a little glass dish)

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