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    get ready for your close up with our favorite tv-inspired costumes.

    by · October 29, 2013
    Ring the alarm, Halloween is only two days away! If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting on your bed with everything in your closet on the floor and no costume to be found anywhere. Seeing the state of despair of my costume-less life--and totally messy apartment--in front of me was when I knew I had to enlist some professional help. No, not the crew from Hoarders, I’m talking about the professionals who design costumes for a living for my favorite TV shows. From how-to get Aria’s look on Pretty Little Liars to what kind of tattooed T-shirt you really need to be SNL’s Stefon, the costume designers spilled the beans on how to get each character’s look. Read their tips in the gallery, and consider this Halloween Costumes 101 because whoever you choose to be, you’ll be sure to Hallo-win the costume contest.
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