make way for another primetime guilty pleasure…

by liza darwin

Struggling young actors trying to make it in Hollywood is undoubtedly a well-tread formula (for proof, see: Smash, Fame, and countless reality shows), but hey, it's a formula that works.

Despite these recent precedents, The CW's latest lineup addition The LA Complex takes cues from an older soapy favorite- the long running '90s show Melrose Place. Following a bunch of moviestar wannabes living in an apartment building, this Canadian series was developed by the creators of Degrassi and has all the romance, drama, and scandals we've come to expect (plus some key Degrassi alums like Cassie Steele).

We caught a sneak preview of the first three episodes, and although the issues weren't groundbreaking- in the premiere, protagonist and aspiring actress Abby dealt with a broken car, no place to live, and embarrassing hookups with her cute neighbor- they were still relatable enough to draw us in immediately and keep us hooked.

The LA Complex premieres tonight, but you can stream the pilot episode here. Our only advice: make your popcorn early, since we have a feeling you won't be leaving the couch til it's over...