Celebs Read Mean Tweets Live On Jimmy Kimmel

starring benedict cumberbatch, kristen bell and jeff bridges

by sarah weldon

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new spin to his beloved 'Mean Tweets' segment: a live studio audience. Inspired by some of the dense responses to his fake Emmy’s beef with Matt LeBlanc, Kimmel said that “Twitter has made it easy for famous people to interact with their fans, which is nice, but it also makes it easy for people to tell you how much they hate you.” Duh. 

To further illustrate his point, Kimmel will be trotting out some real live celebrities all week long to read horrible things said to them by complete strangers. Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell, and Benedict Cumberbatch were first up, and naturally, they aced it. 

Let's also take a time machine back to 2012, for the second 'Mean Tweets' segment, which is still our favorite.