‘Twin Peaks’ Cast Records Video Asking David Lynch to Come Back

‘twin peaks without david lynch is like a girl without a secret’

A couple of days ago we shared the disappointing news that David Lynch was leaving his Twin Peaks revival over a money dispute with Showtime, the network that was planning to air the nine-episode event series. But we still held out hope that Lynch, who announced his departure on Twitter, would return to the series once the network came to its senses and gave the legendary filmmaker every penny he asked for. 

As if to remind Showtime just how necessary Lynch is to the project, a group of original Twin Peaks cast members banded together to record a video whose message is "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is not Twin Peaks." They are correct. Hopefully this plea convinces both Showtime and Lynch to settle their differences and give the people what they so desperately want. We are hopeful.