Tyra’s 8 Best ‘ANTM’ Moments

Yes, the “we were rooting for you” moment is obviously on the list

Tonight, America’s Next Top Model comes back to the small screen, but there’s a catch. Singer Rita Ora is set to take the title of host, which formerly belonged to one Tyra Banks.

Since 2003, Tyra and her antics have entertained viewers for 22 straight cycles. Even though most people stopped watching when they made the competition unisex (more power to those who stood by her side throughout this), the many, many, many wild Tyra-isms won’t soon—if ever—be forgotten.

To pay our respects to the iconic host-model-entrepreneur-"actress," we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moments. Farewell, Tyra. We will miss you, but we’re sure not as much as you’ll miss... being in the spotlight.

8) That time she dressed up as a kangaroo

Every cycle, Tyra whisks the contestants away to another country as, we guess, a gift for making it that far. In cycle eight, Tyra decided to break the news that the ladies were going to Australia by dressing up as a kangaroo. To up the ante as only Tyra knows how, she also brought out a real-life ‘roo which proceeded to scare the shit out of the unsuspecting models.

7) That time she fake fainted

For those who have never watched ANTM, Tyra likes to have the models participate in acting challenges. In cycle six, Tyra chose to display her own acting skills by… fake fainting. This moment was made all the more weird when we remembered that cycle four contestant Rebecca fainted for real while getting critiqued. Never a dull moment!

6) That time she made a music video

…and had the models star in it. It’s clear that Tyra has talents outside of modeling, and if it’s not, she makes sure to remind you every chance she can get. In cycle two, she debuted her singing career on the show and had the genius idea of including all of the contestants on her endeavor. The results are... above.

5) That time she encouraged the contestants to act like hoes

But, like, make it fashion.

4) That time she called out a contestant’s homophobia

For all of the wild advice that Tyra gives out, she always manages to counter with some thoughtful wisdom. In cycle 21, contestant Denzel criticized Will for wearing heels and voiced his fear that his friends back home were going to think he was in some “gay thing.” During judging, Tyra swiftly came to Will’s defense and proceeded to call out Denzel on his shit. She closed out her lesson to Denzel with this line worth pondering: “I want to take you back 50 years and, imagine you overheard Will say, ‘I hope that Denzel guy doesn’t win because, if a black guy wins, my friends at home are going to say I’m in this nigga thing.’" 

3) Anytime she told contestants to smize

Usually taking it as a chance to demonstrate the act herself. She kept the word going strong through the duration of the series because when Tyra commits, she commits.

2) That time she coined the other not-actually-a-word phrase Pot Ledom

Which is Top Model spelled backward, obviously. As if Tyra making up this word wasn’t enough, she then had contestants incorporate it into original song lyrics and star in the accompanying music video.

1) That time she yelled at Tiffany

Of course, the number one spot belongs to the constantly memed “We were rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you” moment. Even if you’re not familiar with this actual episode, you’ve sure as hell seen the clip. Tyra even managed to make fun of herself 15 cycles later, much to the delight of her other judges and longtime ANTM viewers. May the wrath and quirkiness of Tyra entertain the internet always.