ula ruth “let down”

That girl is poison…

by Josh Madden

"Let Down," the first single from New York indie rock outfit Ula Ruth's forthcoming EP Restless Nights, is a bass rattling, '90's-vibed out tune with a sing-along chorus. We can definitely hear the Arctic Monkeys influence and some Thin Lizzy in this jam, but there's also a lithe of a Better Than Ezra feel in singer Nick James' voice.

The accompanying visual for "Let Down" is an unsettling depiction of every guy's nightmare: a pretty normal, cute-looking chick with a vendetta that will have us re-thinking our dinner invitations for the next month. We're not going to ruin it for you, but you've gotta watch the video until the end. All we're going to say is...no cupcakes for us for a while.

Check out more on Ula Ruth HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE...we're working on a possible sonic surprise from the guys next week. Just be prepared for the release of Restless Nights (due out January 14th)--we've heard it and it's great!