Photo by Catherine Orchard


The Prettiest Under Eye Makeup For Spring

Six fresh ways to pull off the trend

A new season is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by overhauling our beauty look? With the impending spring thaw, it’s time to ditch all things dark and drab in exchange for the bright and colorful—and maybe try something a bit riskier. Cue the under eye makeup trend.

Forget your upper lid, some of the most creative looks are moving down south—and we’re not just talking about your average underliner. From our lower lash lines and lids down to our cheekbones, statement-making surprises of all sorts (hint: rainbows and glitter) are making appearances below our line of vision.

It’s a trend we can all get behind—or under. The trick is to keep the rest of your look subtle and subdued and let your eyes do all the talking.

Below, we interpret the under eye trend in six inventive ways that’ll ensure those eyes of yours stay popping, all season long.

Photographer: Catherine OrchardStylist: Alison Lewis at Art DepartmentMakeup: Brit Cochran for Chanel at Art DepartmentHair: Dana Boyer for R+Co. at Art DepartmentModel: Arina Lubiteleva at Muse ManagementStylist Assistant: Jillian AmosLighting: Peter Steusloff

Rainbow Ombré EyesFor this unicorn-approved look, you’ll want to choose three colors to blend per eye, keeping lighter colors toward the inner corners and progressing to darker shades for the outer corners.

One eye at a time, first apply the darkest color on the outer corner and blend slightly toward the center. Next, apply the middle shade to the center of the eye, blending toward the outer and inner corners. Then apply the lightest shade to the inner corner, blending back toward the center. You’ll want to make sure each shade is properly blended to create a seamless look. Curl lashes and apply heavy mascara to the top lashes only to balance out the look.

To make sure colors don’t mix where they shouldn’t, be sure to either use a new brush for each color or thoroughly clean brushes in between each color application.

Make Up For Ever, Star Powder Pigment in ‘Iridescent Fuchsia,’ $20, available at Make Up For Ever; Make Up For Ever, Star Powder Pigment in ‘Iridescent Orange,’ $20, available at Make Up For Ever; M.A.C, Pigment in ‘Primary Yellow,’ $22, available at M.A.C Cosmetics; M.A.C, Pigment in ‘Landscape Green,’ $22, available at M.A.C Cosmetics; M.A.C, Pigment in ‘Hi-Def Cyan,’ $22, available at M.A.C Cosmetics; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Pure Cosmetics Pigments in ‘Magenta,’ $15, available at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics; Tarte, Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara, $23, available at Tarte.

Alina is wearing a Karen Walker jacket, Stella McCartney glasses, and Alibi earrings.

Glittery HighlightsWho needs a strobe stick when you can douse your entire under eye with glitter? To achieve this look, you’ll want to keep your lids pretty subtle. Add just the right amount of shimmer by applying a liquid bronzer with a fluffy brush, which will achieve a soft and diffused look. Finish it off by curling and applying a coat of black mascara to define lashes.

To get glitter that sticks with no glue required, apply a skin-protecting ointment high above your cheekbones (or wherever you’d like to add a little sparkle). Using a clean finger, pick up the glitter from the pot and dab onto the desired spot. Any stray pieces can be easily removed with a clean mascara spoolie.

Chantecaille, Radiance Gel Bronzer, $57, available at Chantecaille; Chanel, Le Volume De Chanel in ‘Noir,’ $32, available at Chanel; Lucas Papaw, Ointment, $12, available at Beautylish; BMC, Neon Matte Multicolor Nail Glitter, $10.97, available at Amazon.

Alina is wearing a Longchamp top, Tiffany & Co. necklaces, and vintage earrings.

Ultraviolet RaysWe all know the inner corner shimmer trick that makes our eyes pop, but swapping out shimmery pigment for something more iridescent is a totally fresh way to pull off this look.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush or finger, apply iridescent pigment directly to inner corners, dragging it a bit under the eye to make more of a statement. To add an extra pop, apply a violet shadow (or any color, for that matter) underneath the pigment, using a pencil brush or your finger to keep the product sheer and diffused. Finish off the look with a light layer of black mascara on your upper lashes.

Tarte, Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in ‘Prom Queen, $21, available at Tarte; Naked Cosmetics, Pigment in ‘Ivory #3,’ $14.99, available at Naked Cosmetics; RMS Beauty, Defining Mascara, $28, available at RMS Beauty.

Alina is wearing a Preen blouse, Redwolf PDX top, A Peace Treaty necklace, and Cartier, Alibi, and vintage rings.

Jeweled TearsBejeweled and shimmering tears were everywhere on the fall 2017 runways last month, but why wait until then to try it for yourself?

Recreating this look is super easy: coat the back of the jewels with a drop of eyelash glue, letting partially dry for 15 seconds before applying to the desired area. To keep things ethereal, use a domed brush dipped into a pot of pastel eyeliner to brush over the top and bottom lids, creating a halo effect around the eye, finishing off with curled, defined lashes.

Tarte, Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in ‘Goldilocks,’ $21, available at Tarte; Chanel, Le Volume De Chanel, $32, available at Chanel; Glossier, Boy Brow in ‘Brown,’ $16, available at Glossier; CraftbuddyUS, Self Adhesive Diamante Gems, $5.25, available at Amazon.

Alina is wearing an Orla Kiely sweater, Ji Oh blouse, The Shiny Squirrel Vintage ring, and ISLYNYC earrings.

Shocking NeonsNothing is more eye-catching and statement-making than electrifying neon colors. Rather than use regular eyeshadow, try using a professional-grade costume makeup, like Kryolan, that is sure to pack a serious punch.

The Kryolan Aquaocolors are water-activated, so you’ll first want to spritz the makeup with water. Swirling a pencil brush in the product until saturated, test it on your hand to make sure it’s not runny, tissuing off any excess water from the product until the right consistency. Then, apply the makeup across the lower lid quickly before the product fully dries. Next, with a flat eyeliner brush, apply an equally vibrant liner (opt for contrasting colors for a more intense look) to the waterline, finishing up with mascara on the top lashes only.

Kryolan, Aquacolor UV-Dayglow Palette (mixed ‘Pink’ and ‘Orange’), $34, available at Kryolan; Tarte, Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in ‘Unicorn Kisses,’ $21, available at Tarte; RMS Beauty, Volumizing Mascara, $28, available at RMS Beauty.

Alina is wearing a Longchamp jacket and K/LLER Collection earrings.

Doll LashesIf color just isn’t your thing, then channel your inner Twiggy with doll-like lower lashes.

Keeping the lids simple, lightly dust a sheer nude pigment over the upper eyelid and inner corner, contouring the crease and lower lid slightly with a deeper (yet still nude) shadow.

Next, separate your false lashes by snipping off each long black section on the lash strip. Using tweezers, apply a dot of lash glue to a single lash wisp, wait 15 seconds, and then place at the root of the lower lashline. Apply each lash wisp, one by one, spacing apart evenly to fit six to seven per eye. Curl upper lashes and apply a light layer of mascara to finish and a bit of brow gel to add more drama.

M.A.C, Pigment in ‘Naked,’ $22, available at M.A.C Cosmetics; NARS, Matte Eyeshadow in ‘Blondie,’ $26, available at NARS; Ardell, Lash Accents in '#308,' $11.90, available at Amazon; Chanel, Le Volume De Chanel in ‘Noir,’ $32, available at Chanel; Glossier, Boy Brow in ‘Brown,’ $16, available at Glossier.

Alina is wearing a Novis dress, Alibi ear cuff, Aoku Su earring, and and stylist's own pins.