Photo via News Corp Australia

Uniqlo Can Predict Your Perfect T-Shirt

with its new service, umood

Shopping for T-shirts is a simple enough experience. But it is 2015, after all, so it was a matter of time before there was some technological incorporation to the process, right?

Enter UMood, Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s predictive service that determines what T-shirt design perfectly suits your emotional state. All you have to do is sit in front of a screen wearing a “brain-computer-interface” headset and watch a series of images and videos. As your brain reacts to what you see, UMood analyzes your responses, matching them to one of 600 designs that represent different moods. It’s like a mood ring, if you put the ring on your brain and it tried to sell you a shirt.

Currently, UMood is only available in Australia, where the shirts start at $20AU (just about $14 USD). While it does sound like a wacky invention from a scene in Back to the Future, who knows—maybe it’s the first of many services geared toward relieving shoppers’ indecision.

(via CNET)