the 11 most unique nail polishes on earth

    for next-level manicures.

    by · March 19, 2015

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    Gone are the days of the French manicure. We live in a time where nail art rules the runways and vibrant polish colors are a beauty cabinet staple. There may be no easier way to switch up your look than to change up your nails. Manicures are (relatively) quick and non-permanent, after all, so there’s nothing to lose by trying something new.

    While your polish collection may seem complete with every color of the rainbow and more topcoats than one person could possibly need, these 11 polishes will take your mani to the next level with their unique formulas and textures: think holograms, velvet, and sand. The possibilities may surprise you—and they’re guaranteed to make your claws look as rad as ever. Flip through the gallery to find the coolest, weirdest, and chicest nail polishes for every style and price.

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