Unofish brings luxury to the ball court

by Taj Reed

For decades, athletes have been linked to style and luxury. Basketball players, in particular, are historically known for their lavish lifestyle and bold—some would argue, questionable—wardrobe choices. From MJ’s hoop earrings to Russell Westbrook’s multi-colored getups, there’s always an off-court statement to be made. What’s not in question is the bold, on-court statement that Bay Area accessories brand, Unofish (short for, Unofficial), is making with their inaugural line of high-end goods.

Created by founder, Nick Swinmurn, Unofish blends a unique design sensibility with exotic materials—the albino alligator embossed leather is, by far, our favorite—to provide luxury performance products unlike any on the market. Offerings range from custom snapbacks to plush leather backpacks and signature basketballs, priced at $40.00-$700.00 USD.

What makes Unofish especially dope, however, is their 3 X Program; an initiative putting basketballs in the hands of children in need throughout the U.S. Standing firmly behind the tagline “Nothing But Love” Unofish and the 3 X Program are, according to Brand Designer, Paul Lee, “translating a love for the game into meticulously crafted sports products, and extending its communities to ignite a lifelong passion for sports, determination, and teamwork.”

Click here to shop the lavish lineup of gear and learn more about this budding, luxury sports brand.