Unwrapped: Gifts For Your Sister Witches

We’ve got your coven covered

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that’s a full month (31 days!) in which we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life—and maybe even a spoiled pet or two.

There’s a lot more to the holiday season than bright, twinkling Christmas decorations and carols. In fact, the holidays come during a much darker, more introspective time of year—a time meant for looking inward and channeling one’s own inner magick. It’s the season of witch, if you will.

In other words: Screw traditional holiday presents. What better way to celebrate than by blessing your fellow sisters—both seasoned witches and occult novices—with some truly magickal gifts?

If you find yourself stumped on what that might entail, look no further than our guide. We sought out the best ritual tools, the latest reads, mystical décor, and more that will make the perfect offerings for today’s modern witch. From practical magick essentials to stunning new altar editions, some spellbinding suggestions for your metaphysically leaning girlfriends await, below.

Photo courtesy of Burke & Hare Co

Burke & Hare Co, Pillar Candle in Palmistry Spider, $18, available at Burke & Hare Co.

This candle not only makes the perfect addition to any witch’s home but also acts as a cheat sheet for palmistry.

Photo courtesy of November Sage

Broadstreet, Holy Smoke Smudge Stick, $14, available at November Sage.

The smudge stick is an essential tool for a witch, and this one is simply a must-have. Combining cedar, white sage, sweetgrass, rose, and palo santo, these bundles not only clear the energy and invoke protection and healing, but look good on your altar, as well.

Photo courtesy of RitualRitual

Acid Queen, Tarot Card Box, $75, available at RitualRitual.

Your sisters can keep their cards safe and untouched in one of these beautiful etched tarot-inspired cardholder boxes.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Cactus

Crystal Cactus, Selenite Full Moon Crystal Ball, $42, available at Crystal Cactus.

What better gift than a crystal that doesn’t need to be cleansed or recharged (and has the ability to cleanse the rest of your collection)? This crown chakra-opening, peace-bringing, and clarifying crystal ball makes the perfect addition to any witch’s altar.

Photo courtesy of Catland

Witchbody by Sabrina Scott, $20, available at Catland.

This comic book-style read is a wondrous, speculative look at how a witch can work with, interact, and grow on this planet; a must-read for anyone interested in pursuing magick.

Photo courtesy of Aquarian Soul

Aquarian Soul, Wild Woods Sacred Smoke $18, available at Aquarian Soul.

Transform any magickal space into the woodsy outdoors with this gorgeous loose incense comprised of eucalyptus, bay laurel, and cedar.

Photo courtesy of Bona Drag

Anndra Neen, Stein Circle Earring, $195, available at Bona Drag.

Channel the full moon cycle with this head-turning statement earring.

Photo courtesy of Hoodwitch

Hoodwitch, Obsidian Scrying Mirror, $30, available at Hoodwitch.

When it comes to the more experienced witch, why not invite her to delve deeper into the past, present, and the future with an obsidian mirror meant for a scrying ritual? (Scrying, BTW, means "the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance." The more you know, the more magick you can do!)

Photo courtesy of Hauswitch

Monique Aimee For Hauswitch, Hex The Patriarchy Print, $30, available at Hauswitch.

The essential wall piece for the activist witch in your life.

Photo courtey of Sister Spinster

Sister Spinster, Priestess Potion, $20, available at Sister Spinster.

This tincture is perfect for aligning yourself with the lunar cycles and boosting creativity (which makes that time of the month all the more pleasant).

Photo courtesy of RitualRitual

Sacred Elephant, Myrrh Incense, $7, available at RitualRitual.

Look, witches can never really have enough incense. These healing myyrh ones from Sacred Elephant add an earthy scent to any room, making them a must.

Photo courtesy of The Sphinx & The Priestess

The Sphinx & The Priestess, The Pentacle Candle, $55, available at The Sphinx & The Priestess.

The Sphinx & The Priestess’ ritual candles are almost too pretty to burn, but when they aid in prosperity, garnering material success (hello, money!), and help connect one with nature, how can we not?

Photo courtesy of Good Looking Objects

Good Looking Objects, Handful Of Magic Necklace, $85, available at Good Looking Objects.

This pretty little pendant necklace serves as a reminder of the magic we hold inside of us, making it a lovely gift for the special ladies in your life.

Photo courtesy of Kindred Black

Hockaday Handmade, Rainbow Hearth Broom, $40, available at Kindred Black.

The modern witch wouldn’t use just any old broom when it comes to her spell work, now would she?

Photo courtesy of Leila + Olive

Pythia Botanica, Oracle Deck, $45, available at Leila + Olive.

These are a beautiful gift for any witch looking to infuse a bit of plant magick into her tarot readings (and, may we add, each card makes for some great tattoo inspiration).

Photo courtesy of Unicorn Manor

Unicorn Manor, Rainbow Aura Spirit Quartz Small Clusters, $37.54, available at Unicorn Manor.

These aura-cleansing, meditation-inducing crystals are created when clear quartz is heated and infused with vaporized silver and platinum—making them quite a unique addition to anyone’s crystal collection.

Photo courtesy of Sweetflag

Elizabeth Atterbury, Dark Offering Burner, $38, available at Sweetflag.

This chic, minimalist incense holder is more décor than a tool.

Photo courtesy of The Witches Almanac

The Witches Almanac, 2018-2019 Plants, $12.95, available at The Witches Almanac.

With the New Year comes a new edition of The Witches’ Almanac, this one spanning Spring 2018 to Spring 2019. Bless your witchy sisters with some new knowledge on the magic of plants, Issue 37’s theme.