the colored smoky eye gets an easy secret weapon.

by liza darwin

When it comes to the colored smoky eye, there's a fine line between looking like you stepped off the runway at Vera Wang and looking like you stepped out of an '80s movie. But for those who want the former for fall, Makeup Forever has you covered.

The brand has updated its Smoky Couleur collection with four mascaras that contain the same non-clumpy, volumizing formula as the original pitch black shade, but with a jewel-toned twist. Available in deep plum, brown, green and navy, they're subtle enough to wear during the day and easy to build upon the look for night.

We love it because dense brush gives lashes total color coverage, so you're good to go with just one swipe. After all, if you're going to sport the smoky eye, chances are you've got more exciting plans than standing in front of your bathroom mirror all night...

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