Image via Flirtmoji

Behold, The Vagina Emoji

it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

These days, emojis are the only way that we can truly, deeply express ourselves without words. But Flirtmoji wants millenials to be able to sext better, and that simply can't be done without vagina emojis. The designers behind the holy set state that they have created "a visual language to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns, and flirtations."

As all ladies know, not all vaginas are the same so the site provides users with a variety to choose from. Is your vagina feeling purple, green, or blue? There are emojis for that. How about smooth, cracked, stubbly, or so-much-pubic-hair-that-it-can't-be-tamed? Or perhaps your vagina is asymmetrical or leans lopsided AF.

Flirtmoji is here for you, girl. All of you. Certainly, these emojis add a whole new dimension to the whole "give and receive" saying...