Five Gifts For An Extraordinary Valentine’s Day

Ordinary is out

by nylon

Valentine's Day should be a time to celebrate love for love's sake. Sure, the stress of the holiday can put a damper on the whole romance thing, but when done right (and really, any sort of effort is always appreciated), it can lead to something extraordinary. That's the goal at least, right? Ordinary is just that. Extraordinary means brilliance, and we want you to give brilliantly this Valentine's Day. So, to help take a little bit of the stress off your planning, here are five gifts that do just that. It's not all chocolates and roses. It's about shimmer, scents, bubbles, and a little magic. It's everything good, just a little bit more extra. Love on.

Is it really Valentine's Day if you don't pop some bubbly? Probably not. Plus, sparkling rosé takes your regular ol' rosé and elevates it to new, effervescent heights. 

Veuve Clicquot, Clicquot Rich Rosé, $66.99, available at

Two interlocking pendants come together to create a shimmery, layered look in Swarovski's Crystal Wishes Heart Pendant necklaces. The smaller, glittering red heart brilliantly fits within the bright heart-shaped cutout of the other. Talk about showing your unconditional, glowing love. Wishes, especially when shared with a friend or loved one, are better crystallized because why wear your heart on your sleeve when rocking it around your neck means it's actually closer to your real one anyway?

Swarovski, Crystal Wishes Heart Pendant Set, $119, available at Swarovski.

Mrs. Dalloway bought the flowers herself, sure, but buying them for others is a real treat. Now you can make sure your SO is never low on botanical beauties to Instagram, look at, and contemplate the day over, smell, and just feel really, really rich with. This is the monthly subscription box of your romantic dreams.

BloomsyBox, Monthly Flower Delivery Service, $39.99 - $48.99/month, available at Cratejoy.

Lip loofah? Check! Lip mask? Check! A glowing lip balm? Check! Now all you need is another pair of lips to test this kit out. Pucker up! 

VIOLET GREY, Kissing Kit, $75, available at VIOLET GREY.

Invoke the power of crystal energy with Little Box of Rocks' Moonstruck collection. Moonstone, rose quartz, clear quartz, and garnet all call on the moon's energy to make whomever you gift these to a little weak in the knees.

Little Box of Rocks, Moonstruck, $35, available at Little Box of Rocks.