Vans: The Legacy of the Sidestripe

The sneaker we’ve been wearing our whole lives…

by Josh Madden

Vans: The Legacy of the Sidestripe

When the Vans Style 36 debuted in 1977, who woulda thought it would be stomping on streets around the globe almost four decades later? Sporting the iconic "jazz stripe," which is said to have started as a doodle, this shoe has taken on a whole new life outside of action sports. Vans has collaborated with all kinds of bands and other fashion entities from Supreme to Marc Jacobs.

To celebrate the legacy of this shoe with a doodle that has become a legend with laces, Vans is bringing back all kinds of color combinations and re-issued prints. Though these kicks have now earned the affectionate name "Old Skool" they'll remain on our feet forever. Check out the gallery, which includes some past collabs and some of our favorite pro-riders like Julien Stranger, Anthony Van Englen, and Dakota Roche. And see what the "Godfather of Vans" Steve Van Doren has to say about the history of this classic...oh yeah, and get yours