varsity blues

thanks to elle fanning, we try out for the big leagues.

by ali hoffman

Maybe it's going home for the holidays, or maybe it's just the bittersweet feeling of ending another year, but for whatever reason we always end up feeling very nostalgic around this time of year. So when spotting the always adorable Elle Fanning last week, wearing a ridiculously retro-cool letterman jacket, we simultaneously fell in love with the look and felt a sudden desire to pull out our high school yearbooks and spend hours revisiting the days of drama club and home team games. Though we definitely suggest you do the latter (trust us, it's so funny), we also thought we'd save you a couple hours perusing the internet by compiling a roundup of our favorite varsity jackets. From the oversized-"I'm just wearing my boyfriend's"- to the fitted-"What's up, Sporty Spice"- we've got a feeling you'll fall in love with one, at least...