vegetarian’s paradise 2

Even better than the real thing…

by Josh Madden

Once upon a time, way back when, we had a friend (who shall remain nameless), who lived in New York City and was going through a bit of a bachelor phase. This bachelor buddy of ours came to us one day with the quandary, "Do you know any good places to take a vegetarian chick on a date?" Luckily for our pal we do. This place is so good, even he, the steak scarfing, Peter Lugar-loyal bro-chacho that he is, not only took that young lady there, but he made it his "spot." Nestled on 4th street in the heart of Greenwich Village is Vegetarian's Paradise 2, legendary to veggies, secret to normies. The menu is comprised entirely of food that is made to substitute the "real thing," but if you ask anyone who's been there it's often better. From Sugar Cane drumsticks to Scallops in Black Bean Sauce the selections run the gamut of dishes that inspire "no way, how can they make that?" reactions. A quick scroll down their Yelp site boasts reviews like "we've been coming here for 25 years..." and "Yum! And I'm not a vegetarian..." So what did we get? We opted for the people's choice and ordered the Crispy Soul Chicken appetizer. In our opinion it's better than the real thing, so much so that no extra sauce was needed. Topped off with a tall carrot-apple-ginger juice (which they call a "Jackie Chan") and a glass of water , you'd be surprised how full one can get. Check out the complete menu HERE or just stop in at 144 West 4th street. If you happen to overhear a bro-dude telling a cutie how he "cares about the animals too much eat them" try not to laugh too loud.