Very Good Girls Movie Review

elizabeth olsen and dakota fanning star in this summertime love triangle.

by liza darwin

Summertime movies tend to fall into a couple of key categories. There's the major blockbuster, which can double as an action-packed flick like X-Men or a shiny Disney tale like Maleficent. There's the rom-com (or, in the case of recent hit The Fault in Our Stars, heavy on the romance, but definitely lacking in the comedy factor...). Then, there's the indie gem. This summer that's Obvious Child or Palo Alto, films that usually come with an unexpected plotline and under-the-radar actors.

But here's the thing about Very Good Girls. It's a mishmash of all three of these categories, shaken up and presented in one heartfelt, twenty-something package. We've been waiting for this movie ever since it premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year (and have had the trailer on loop since it dropped). And for good reason, because at first glance it seems that Naomi Foner's drama really does have it all. We're talking about a major cast (besides stars Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, there's Demi Moore, Peter Sarsgaard and Ellen Barkin), a romantic plot backbone, and, with a soundtrack by Jenny Lewis, enough indie cred for any Brooklyn block.

Here's the gist: Fanning and Olsen star as two highschool best friends determined to lose their virginity before heading to college in the fall. The only issue: obviously they  want the same guy (a bleach-blonde Boyd Holbrook). Obviously he only wants one of them, and obviously this means drama. The plotline isn't exactly original and some lines are pretty cringeworthy, but the film has enough subplots (including an affair with a much older co-worker), New York scenery, and awesome soundtrack to make it an easy summer go-to.

Plus, just the fact that two of our girl crushes star opposite each other--playing entirely different types, we might add--is just the excuse you need to grab your BFF and watch it together. Even better, you don't have to go to a theater to do so, because the movie just premiered on On Demand. So cancel your plans tonight, grab the snacks, and watch Very Good Girls here.