very versace

we christened the soho store with donatella and christopher kane.

by ray siegel

Versace's first SoHo boutique opened on Mercer Street yesterday after much anticipation on our end (we walked past the site on the way to work every morning). We took a very first look (literally, we were the first in line) at the shop yesterday and got a warm welcome from an especially fun pair of hosts: Donatella Versace herself and Christopher Kane, who not only curated the shop but debuted his own line of Versus tees. "I basically wallpapered the t-shirts with Bruce Weber images so that people can buy an instant hit from the archive, which is so rich." Donatella's advice on what to buy in the new store was a little bit more broad, "Buy everything!" It's hard not to, but we have our wallet's limitations to prevent that. The best thing about Donatella? She knows has no limitations whatsoever along with a direct answer for just about everything, even playing house with Lady Gaga. Through the thick European accents and Grimes playing loudly in the background we still got great soundbites from the queen of Versace. Here's Donatella on just about everything.

On her new bestie, Lady Gaga:

What is there to tell about Lady Gaga? She's fabulous, she's fearless, she's daring. She has no limits and she continues to work. She never stops. I mean, we spent everyday together—all afternoon—living in the house. It was so easy to talk to her and she gets everything. She's phenomenal.

On her excellent taste in music (that she listens to very loudly):

I like Grimes' voice—the effortless way she sings. And it's not that precise, it's not that perfect and that's what I like. I love confident women. Beth Ditto is so glamorous, so confident and so determined in what she's doing.

Many people have a snobbish attitude about rap. When you mention it to people, they say “oh that's rap”. What do you mean, “that's rap?” That's the only new thing today. I mean you don't get anything new unless it's in rap.

On Twitter:

I use Twitter, but I don't have a Facebook profile—it's not me! I tweet, but I don't have time to follow. I like to talk. Also one thing: Twitter is amazing, but it is always a way to hide yourself and not have the courage to look at someone in the face and tell them how you feel.

On creative blocks:

I've never had it! A lot of people ask me this question, “what inspires you?” For for me it's cities. When I go to London or New York I get very inspired, because there's so much energy in the city, and anything can inspire you. It can be art or music. Real creativity inspires me. I think New York is full of creative people; not only in fashion, but also in music.

On flats vs. heels:

What is a flat shoe?

On what's sexy:

It's not only about having a slit in your dress—it's an attitude. Your hair, your makeup, and also your clothes.

On her beauty routine:

I sleep in the freezer.

On the one thing every woman should own:

Black pumps. Black leather

. [She called in a translator to inquire about the word "patent" to put in front of leather.] You can put them with everything; even jeans. It changes the way you feel about yourself.

On New Years Eve plans:

It's like, you have to do something. It's not natural. I never have fun in the end, because I have to do it.

On having fun:

I see my friends. I listen to music. I've been so lucky to have so many amazing opportunities in my career and to meet so many amazing people in acting and music. I see Rupert Everett, my friend. Talking to him is like laughing for two hours.

On the good old days

I have to say that the time of the Supermodel was amazing. I was just looking back yesterday. I was obsessed with that time and it's never going to happen again. Ever. But it was the most fabulous time. And now there's so much criticism that it's too much...or it's too obsessive.

On future plans:

I want to sing. I want to rap!

All of this Versace swag is available at the new Soho shop!