Photo via @vetements_official/Instagram


Vetements Redefines Juicy Couture And Other Iconic Brands With Its New Collection

Such fashion!

Fashion's favorite disruptor, Vetements, has done it again. The French collective will unveil its Spring/Summer 2017 collection this coming Sunday, with a little help from a whopping 18 brands. Talk about a collaboration.

Vetements worked with Juicy Couture, Champion, Levi's, and more for its latest collection. Speaking to The Cut, the label's leader Demna Gvasalia said, “The idea was always to take the iconic, the most recognizable product from their brand, and put it into a Vetements frame, whether in terms of shape or construction." So, they went to Carhartt, Dr. Martens, Reebok, Mackintosh, Manolo Blahnik, Commes des Garçons, and more. It's a healthy mix of high-end designers and everyday brands, only housed under the luxe name recognition of Vetements, which made the hoodie a thousand-dollar cult item. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Kylie Jenner are all Vetements lovers, so expect to see this forthcoming collection on them. 

Despite the recognizable names, don't expect any traditional looks from the collaborations, though. For one, Gvasalia said the Vetements team created Juicy Couture evening dresses. “I love the comfort of it and the trashiness of it,” Gvasalia said of the Juicy pieces. “But then we wanted to do something elegant with it, so we made evening dresses.” Dang. Way to take the script, flip it, and then rip it apart.