The Beautiful, Hilarious, Grotesque Side Of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels

can’t look away

by nylon

If you're one of the nearly 10 million people who sit down to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every year, you know what it's like to be entranced. As you watch incredibly tall, incredibly beautiful women walk up and down a glittered catwalk, you ponder existential questions like, What is beauty, anyway?, Do they actually have the power to make time stop?, Can they subsist on just sunlight?, and, perhaps most prominently, Are these actual humans? Outloud, you can only mutter non-words and phrases like, "Whoa, what the—" and "Durr." The mind can only handle so much.

In order to point out the beautiful absurdity of the show, we transported some Angels—Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Devon Windsor, Jasmine Tookes, to name a few—to a truly surrealist landscape. Shot at 200 frames per second (that's 8.3 times slower than real life), we had eight models show off their funniest, weirdest, and oddly grotesque faces. And it's impossible to look away. Someone call the Whitney and tell Shia to stop filming himself—today, here, we just made some real art.

Directed by Ryland McIntyre; Shot by Zach Stoltzfus; Edited by Daniel Huskey.