Victoria’s Secret Martha Hunt

go behind the scenes of its new campaign with martha hunt.

by liza darwin

Getting locked out of your apartment is the stuff that most New York nightmares are made of. But somehow Victoria's Secret has managed to make the whole scenario a whole lot less mortifying and a lot more appealing, thanks to a little help from Martha Hunt, a cute guy, and some lingerie (duh). The company's new "Sexy Short Film," which debuted this week, is a shoppable mini movie that packs a surprising amount of storyline into just three minutes.

While trying to break up with an annoying boyfriend, Hunt somehow gets locked out of her apartment wearing nothing but a bra and panties, and manages to do the unthinkable: she goes upstairs in nothing but lingerie to ask her neighbor to help. And obviously, he's incredibly handsome.

This might be the type of thing that only happens once in a blue moon, but that's OK--don't question it. Instead, watch the short below, and check out exclusive behind the scenes snaps in the gallery.