victory by public school


by Josh Madden

The ironic appropriation of street wear by fashion’s top tier is a long time coming. The fashion world was running out of things to “borrow,” and they quite literally hit the streets. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, originally from Brooklyn and Queens, didn’t have to look so far. They founded upmarket men’s street wear label Public School in 2008. After their debut show during fashion Week last year, these guys are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The great thing about Public School is that their stuff stays true to the image they’re trying to withhold. You could find one of their jackets hanging at the Yemeni guy’s thrift shop down the road. The only difference is it’s manufactured here in New York and the materials are significantly more refined. This jacket is a great example of their work. It’s rough but meticulously stitched and the front is made out of cone canvas and the arms from waxed lamb. To those looking to ease into the fall with light trench coats–and there’s nothing wrong with a good trench coat–maybe this isn’t for you. This one’s for those of us who want to storm in. Check out the full collection and get yours HERE.

-Rashed Aqrabawi