video premiere: “a new age holiday” evil arrows

Listen and watch (through a viewfinder)…

by Christian Lavery

Evil Arrows--the brainchild of Bryan Scary that features guest appearances from members of The Stepkids, Dead Boots, and The Dough Rollers--is putting out music at an unbelievable pace. And just to be clear, we're more than okay with it. Currently three EP’s deep, with more on the way in the form of rapid-fire mini-album-like releases, the group is relentlessly staking a claim in the music world with their glam/indie/Brit pop sound.

Today, in keeping with their trend of continually sending out new projects, Evil Arrows premieres its visuals for “New Age Holiday.” Getting off to somewhat of an eerie start, the video quickly changes tone with one look through a viewfinder. Set to an assembly of enjoyable guitar riffs that are driven by a strong percussion presence, the song really hits its groove once the light and engaging chorus comes in.

Watch the video below, and keep an eye out for everything Evil Arrows has planned.