Video Premiere High Ends “Downtown”

the track you can dance around brooklyn to.

After last year's Tiger Talk release and subsequent temporary hiatus, Yukon Blonde frontman Jeffrey Innes got restless, as musicians tend to do, and created new material with the intention of bringing various friends on board. But, as Innes learned, when you have successful friends, it's sometimes hard to fit in the time between shows and tours. So he decided to start his new project solo and thus, High Ends was born.

"Downtown," High Ends' second single from the upcoming album Super Class, is a mash of lush dream pop and dark, pensive rock, melded together with hints of synth. The track is dichotomous, lifting you up into a trance-like dimension while weighing you down to reality and leaves you longing to hole up in bed all day while forcing you to get up and move about. The video, directed by Sabre Dane, reflects this contrast, showing the brooding creativity of the modern artist.

Super Class comes out October 7.